Contest Is Closed – Thanks To Those Who Participated!

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Win a Free Champagne Room With One of Our Lovely Ladies!

A Haunted Strip Club?

The Ghost of Back Bay Past has been a constant guest here at the Blue Parrot Cabaret. As you can imagine, saying “The Ghost of Back Bay Past” is a bit more than a mouthful when trying to describe the entity that has haunted us since we started renovating a seafood restaurant into a first class gentleman’s club. We’re hosting this contest to give you a chance to give a real name to our ghost!

Bear these examples in mind before you pass judgment:

A Poltergeist: Our new friend has an affinity for chairs. While working alone in what would someday become the men’s room one of the owner’s moved an old chair out of his way. In his haste he dropped the chair on its back legs and stood dumbfounded as it balanced there. Perhaps this isn’t too unusual except that it remained balanced at a forty five degree angle for more than twenty seconds (yes he counted). When the chair finally gave in to the laws of gravity it settled slowly to the ground. It never gained momentum in its drop to the floor, just ever so slowly lowered itself and eased into place. More recently this same individual innocently moved a chair, making sure to put it squarely and firmly on all four legs. Turning and walking away soon produced a loud clang. He turned to find a chair laying squarely on its back.

A Trickster: When working on the upstairs one of the owners suddenly lost his shiny new lighter. He looked, in vain, for the lighter that he had bought only hours before. Before we packed it in for the night, we decided to move a pile of lumber we had been saving for weeks for a project in another area of the bar. When we moved the last board, we found the missing lighter underneath.

A Prankster: Everyone needs TV. Even us. When the cable guy was doing his install, he diligently rested his shiny staple gun atop his trusty ladder. Taking a few steps away, the stapler was seen to fly off the ladder as though it was being thrown. The cable guy turned to the owners present and naively asked if the place was haunted. Needless to say he didn’t care for the answer.

A Joker: Almost everyone working on this project has heard voices (these guys may be nuts, but they’re not that crazy). Often times, someone will be alone in the building and hear their name called. This seem to be most prevalent in the champagne rooms (reason enough to try them out, although our exceptionally beautiful dancers are enough enticement for any mortal man). Footsteps have been heard in all areas of the building. And one worker, who thought late night dry-walling was a good idea, has since refused to work past 1:00 AM – after a particularly harrowing night. We’ll not even bother to get into the number of tools that have gone missing only to turn up hours later in the exact spot they were taken from.

A Friend: There have been far too many incidents to recount here, but none of them have been anything more than mischievous. We’ve grown to like the entity we share this space with and we like to think he brings us luck. At any rate, its better than having the pants scared off us.

The Contest

Our building is haunted by a ghost! We want to give it a name. Give us a name for the ghost and we’ll pick our favorite. The person who gives us the winning name will claim a free champagne room with one of our lovely ladies!

  • One answer per person!
  • The winner will be revealed at the club Saturday, October 30th – our Halloween Party.
  • If you provide your contact info, you do not have to be present that night to win – but, rather, can claim your prize at a later date.

Contest Is Closed – Thanks To Those Who Participated!

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